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OSU Kungfu Club Events:  2005 - 2001

Congratulations to OSU Club Members
Tested for Belt Rank 11-17-2005
Belt Test
Kyle Kelly, Sugumar Murugesan, Melinda Foote, Matthew Samples, Randolph Johnson

OSU Club members elevate rank at June 2005 Belt Test:
Tim Goytowski, 2nd Chieh       Willie Theunissen, 4th Chieh

Congratulations to OSU Club Members
Melinda Foote and Willie Theunissen
for placing in their divisions at
The 14th Annual
Great Lakes Shuai Chiao Tournament
U.S.S.A. National Championships
Saturday, April 23rd, 2005

Melinda Foote, 3rd Place

Melinda throws Carrie Miranda
on her way to winning their match
with a 2 - 0 score

Due to a three-way circular tie,
final places were determined by
total points, giving Miranda first
place, despite the loss.

Willie Theunissen,  2nd Place

Willie grapples with black-belt Danny
Hall in the Men's 180 pound final.

After a long and cautious battle,
Hall took the match by one point
with a clean counter-throw. 

Historic Last Shuai Chiao Tournament in Larkins Hall
2005 Group
2005  Year of the Rooster Shuai Chiao Tournament

Group 1986
1986 Chang Tung Sheng Memorial Tournament

Court 5, in Larkins Hall at the Ohio State University, has been the venue for over twenty years of Shuai Chiao Kungfu Tournaments.  This Summer the historic building will be demolished to make way for the new PAES building.  

The OSU Shuai Chiao Kungfu Club was founded in the early eighties by Dr. Daniel (Chi-hsiu) Weng while he was completing his graduate studies at OSU. Over the years dozens of tournaments and hundreds of Shuai Chiao classes have taken place in the cavernous Court 5 area, with its ample spectator gallery and wall-to-wall mats.  We are looking forward continuing our tradition in the exciting new RPAC facility soon to be opening.

Rooster officials
Jerry Sheldon        Mike Grigsby         Matt Mollica        Jeff Williams          Tim Braun    

These Rooster Tournament officials all competed in the first Chang Tung Sheng Memorial in 1986.

Congratulations to Club Members placing at the OSU
Year of the Rooster Shuai Chiao Tournament
February 12th, 2005

Melinda Foote                      First Place, Women's Lightweight
David Reed Blocksom            First Place, Men's Middleweight

Willie Theunissen               Second Place, Men's Middleweight
Jaron Bernstein                Third Place, Men's Heavyweight      

See Tournament Results for more information.

2004 Tai-chi for Fitness
International Wushu Championships

Saturday, Sunday: August 14, 15
San Jose State University in California
Click HERE for Tournament results...

GLKF 2004 Group Photo
2004 Great Lakes Kung-Fu Tournament
Shuai Chiao National Championship
Saturday, April 24th,  Cleveland, Ohio

Click HERE for Tournament results...

New World Record Set for Tai Chi Performance
 photo: Sports Illustrated
Over 14,600 martial artists set a new world record for group
performance of Tai Chi in Taipei, Taiwan, November 2003.

A new international Tai-Chi organization is formed:
World Cardio Tai-Chi Association
New officials of the World Cardio Tai-Chi Association and Dr. Weng
at the founding meeting, November, 2003

What's New for the OSU Shuai Chiao Kungfu Club? 

The Shuai Chiao Kungfu Club Demo Team
Dan Thomas, Daniel Cowan, Johnathan Ho, Tim Goytowski, Mike Grigsby
Performed Saturday, April 12th, 2003, at the
Images of You Multicultural Conference Variety Show
OSU Fawcett Center, Olentangy River Road, Columbus, Ohio
Despite their brief performance preparation time the four student team members pulled off a surprisingly polished performance for the crowd of over 100 future Resident Advisors.  We performed 3 forms of Belt-cracking, a short section of Ch'ang Tai Chi, demonstrated 8 basic stances, 5 basic forms, the Blocking Sequence and Push Hands drills, demonstrated 8 major Shuai Chiao throws, the practical self-defense applications of 5 Tai Chi movements, and did a short Shuai Chiao traditional sparring demonstration -- all on a bare wooden stage with no mats in less than 8 minutes.
Our captive, but appreciative, RA Audience

Head Instructor Mike Grigsby tested for 6th Teng (4th Degree) Black Belt in Cleveland

11th Annual Great Lakes Kungfu Tournament
and Shuai Chiao National Championships
Results and photos

The Year of the Horse
Shuai Chiao Kungfu Tournament
February 2nd, 2002
Results and photos

OSU Shuai Chiao Kungfu Club Belt Test, May 23rd, 2002

Back row: Instructor Jerry Sheldon, Instructor Jeff Williams, Daniel Cowan, Aaron Fown, Tim Goytowski,
Jaron Bernstein, Jeff Wacker.  Front Row: Instructor Raymond Trepanier, Instructor Mike Grigsby,
Johnathan Spuhler, Kevin Gordon, Daniel Beck.

Congratulations to the eight students who passed their Shuai Chiao Belt Tests:

5th Chieh (Green Belt)

Daniel Cowan
Aaron Fown
Tim Goytowski
Johnathan Spuhler

4th Chieh (Green/Blue Belt)

Jeffrey Wacker

3rd Chieh (Blue Belt)

Daniel Beck
Jaron Bernstein
Kevin Gordon

Jeff Williams and Raymond Trepanier discuss their observations after the belt test.

Congratulations !

to Club President Daniel Beck
First Place, Lightweight Division

Shuai Chiao Nationals
Great Lakes Kungfu Tournament, April 13, 2002

And to Jeff Wacker, who won his first match and
tied for 4th place in his first national tournament.

Year of the Horse Shuai Chiao Tournament
Congratulations to OSU Shuai Chiao Club Members placing in the
2002 Year of the Horse Shuai Chiao Kungfu Tournament!
1st Place, Lightweight --                  Dan Beck
2nd Place, Heavyweight --               Steve Molter
2nd Place, Welterweight --              Jeff Wacker
4th Place, Middle-Heavyweight --  Aaron Fown
4th Place, Middleweight --              Gerald Dalley
4th Place, Welterweight --               Johnathan Spuhler

Full tournament results...

 Spring Quarter Belt Test Results
Held Tuesday, May 1st, at Larkins Hall
Congratulations to the following students who passed their belt test examination:

Daniel Beck --         4th Chieh
Lance Cronley --     5th Chieh
Rob Huntley --         2nd Chieh
Steve Molter --         4th Chieh
Judd Shaffer --         5th Chieh

Special thanks to the members of the official testing committe: 
Jack Chuang, Mike Grigsby, Joe Scargill, Raymond Trepanier, and Jeff Williams

  In Memoriam
Clarence L. "Rocky" Byars Jr.

Sifu Rocky Byars passed away suddenly on November 5th, 2001.  A senior instructor and national officer in the United States Shuai Chiao Association, Sifu Byars will be missed by all who knew him.  His steadfast loyalty and constant support of  Dr. Chi-hsiu Weng helped make the USSA the organization it is today.  He leaves a legacy of many students of Shuai Chiao in Georgia, Florida, and Ohio.  The OSU Club directly benefited from his experience and knowledge, especially when he directed our Spring belt test last year.  Our respect and sympathy go out to his immediate and extended Shuai Chiao family.

OSU Shuai Chiao Kungfu Club Demonstrates
at Tang Soo Do Central Ohio Clinic hosted by
Buckeye Tang Soo Do Club
Shuai Chiao Kungfu Club Demo Team
Left to right:  Akio Iijima, Peter DiGravio, Robert Huntley,  Mike Grigsby,  Steve Molter,  Judd Shaffer
The Demo Team members performed for over a hundred clinic participants, presenting some of the basic training methods of Shuai Chiao and demonstrating how Tai Chi Chuan movements are applied in Shuai Chiao throws.  Our thanks to Master Simone Genna and the Buckeye Tang Soo Do Club for this opportunity to show Shuai Chiao to a wider audience of martial artists.

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