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 How to find our workout location in Multipurpose Room #1
(RPAC room B20)
Map to RPAC B20
From the North,  walk past the big circular turn-around in front of the RPAC complex and go up between the RPAC buildings, under the pink aerial walkway.   At the top of the incline, under the doorway canopy, turn right and enter the Main Lobby through the East doors.

From the East or South, enter the doorways into the Main Lobby.  You must have a BuckID or RPAC pass to go through the ID Check gate.  Past the gate, turn left, then right to go down the stairs, then turn left again at the bottom of the stairs.  The entry to MPR #1 is only about 40 feet from the bottom of the stairs.

--- Click HERE for a photo walk to our workout room ---