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Past Tournament Results and Photos

2004  Year of the Monkey Tournament at OSU

Year of the Monkey Tournament Results

Women's Division

1.    Tamera Lake
2.    Julie Boron
3.    Melinda Foote

Men's Lightweight Division

1.    Jamie Van Doren
2.    Ian Donovan
3.    Johnathan Ho

Men's Welterweight Division

1.    Matthew Corbett
2.    Daniel Beck
3.    Ryan Schumacher
4.    Edward Booker

Men's Middleweight Division

1.    Brandon Dever
2.    David Reed Blocksom
3.    Jason Hall
4.    Tim Goytowski

Men's Middle-Heavyweight Division

1.    Wille Theunissen
2.    Tom Dowd
3.    Daniel Thomas
4.    Jeremy Wolford

Men's Heavyweight Division

1.    Raymond Trepanier
2.    Jamie Doak
3.    Jaron Bernstein

Men's Openweight Division

1.    Josh Fragoso
2.    Anthony Catalano
3.    Robert Armstrong
4.    Aaron Fown

6th Paris Cup International Shuaijiao Tournament
    Photo courtesy of Dr. Daniel Weng
Congratulations !
to the USSA Shuai Chiao Team for their showing at the
6th Paris Cup International Shuaijiao Tournament
December 20-21, 2003   Paris, France
The team won four silver and two bronze medals for
4th place overall (out of over 12 teams) with medal finishes by She-Peng Weng, 2nd Place, Tamera Lake, 2nd Place, Angie Bigelow, 2nd Place, Christina Roman, 3rd Place, Ellis Dixson, 3rd Place.

2003 Chinese American Athletic Tournament
July 20, 2003

2003 Chinese American Athletic Tournament - Shuai-chiao Division
by Justin Tan, 9th Teng
Sunday July 20th marked another annual celebration of Chinese arts and heritage.  Held once a year at De Anza College in
Cupertino, the Chinese American Athletic Tournament brings together hundreds of competitors in all flavors of Chinese arts.  People came to both watch and compete in Shuai-Chiao, Wushu, Tai-chi, and many other events.  The day-long competition also featured performances of traditional Chinese dances and incredible feats of martial arts.
The Cupertino Kung-Fu Club is the host for the Shuai-Chiao competition at the CAAT.  This year, there were participants from both the local clubs and teams from as far away as Ohio.  They competition was organized in the usual categories of youth, women, and men, with each of those subdivided into weight classes.  However, the true highlight of the Shuai-Chiao tournament was the open-weight division held after all the weight divided bouts.  Traditionally in China, there were no distinctions based on size or weight; competitions were purely a match of skill. Dr. Weng and the other grandmasters of Shuai-Chiao used to compete with each other regardless of size.  Since the CAAT is a celebration of Chinese art and heritage, three open-weight divisions were held at the end of the day.  There was a "women's open", "Men's under black belt" and " Men's black belt and over" competition though some non-blackbelt competitors moved up to the black belt division to challenge themselves.  These open-weight divisions were allowed any competitor of any size to fight any other competitor.  The result was an extremely fun and enjoyable experience ending the competition with an intense match between She-peng Weng, 8th Teng of the Cupertino Kung-Fu Club, and Daniel Cliff , 9th Teng(Wing Lam Kung-fu of Ohio).  Both champions fought hard for the crowd ending with a close 3-2 win for She-Peng.

Awards were given out at the end of all the matches.  The day ended with Dr. Weng holding a free question and answer clinic for the competitors, mostly in thanks to those who came so far to compete.  As the Shuai-Chiao community grows, competitions like the CAAT will begin to draw even more competitors from even farther reaches of the world.  In fact, the 2005 CAAT is slated to host the Pan-American championship.  Additionally, due to the positive feedback of this year's open weight division, the CAAT hopes to continue offerring that division in upcoming years.

Some results from the tournament:

Women's Open
1st  Diana Lin
2nd Llic, Una
3rd  Bigelow, Angie


135 and under
1st  Jonathan Shih
2nd Shigero Isoda

1st  Tan, Justin
2nd Corbett, Matthew
3rd  Hall, Eric

1st  Cliff, Daniel
2nd Masi, Nick
3rd  Koswara, Andy

1st  Martin, Matt
2nd Iwasaki, Kenichi
3rd  Ng, Alban

Open Weight:

1st  Weng, She-Peng
2nd Cliff, Daniel
3rd  Koswara, Andy

Non Black
1st  Fraser, James
2nd Masi, Nick
3rd  Hall, Eric

2003 Great Lakes Kungfu and Shuai Chiao Nationals
April 26, 2003

2003 GLKF Tournament Men's Division:


1st Matt Corbett
2nd Jamie VanDoren
3rd Ernest Smoot
4th Kyu Chun


1st Daniel Cliff
2nd Ryan Shumaker
3rd Edwood Booker
4th Jason Hall


1st Brandon Dever
2nd Nick Masi
3rd Matt Martin
4th Tim Goytowski


      Zack Ceo             Tim Braun                            Mark Martinets

1st Zack Ceo
2nd David Oakley
3rd Mark Martinets
4th Brian Boehnlein


1st Eric Brooks
2nd Immanuel Robinson
3rd Josh Fragoso
4th Wayne Rossiter

2003 GLKF Tournament Women's Division


1st Diana Lin
2nd Bahiyyah Muhammed
3rd Angie Bigelow
4th Crystal Dever


  Tammi Lake throws Una Ilic in the final match.          ~ photo by Mark Miller

1st Tammi Lake
2nd Una Ilic
3rd Kelly Crocker
4th Taran Rhoades

2002 Great Lakes Kungfu and Shuai Chiao Nationals

Mark Wong and Gino Belfiore setting up the Junior Division
2002 GLKF Tournament Junior Division


1st  Narani Muhammed
2nd  Najua Muhammed
3rd  Nathan Lowy
4th  Tyler Widrann


1st  Anthony Nickorro
2nd  Aquell Muhammed
3rd  Alex Jewell
4th  Tyler Chastafty


1st  Ellis Dixon
2nd  William Hubbard
3rd  Ruben Benjamin
4th  Danra Hawkins


1st  Darion Webber
2nd  Christina Roman
3rd  Latorra Loftridge
4th  John Gaddis


1st  Jeffry Tan
2nd  Johnathan Loftridge
3rd  Xavier Graham
4th  Gonetta Washington

2002 GLKF Tournament Adult Women's Division


1st  Una Ilich
2nd  Bahiyyah Muhammed
3rd  Angie Bigelow
4th  Crystal Dever


1st Una Ilich
2nd  Nicole Bruketta
3rd  Tarin Rhodes
4th  Mudite Tewari

2002 GLKF Tournament Adult Men's Division

Dan Beck downs Ernest Smoot in the Lightweight final

1st  Daniel Beck
2nd  Ernest Smoot
3rd  Matthew Corbett
4th  Jamie Van Doren

Daniel Cliff instructs Jeff Wacker on inner shoulder throw

1st  Daniel Cliff
2nd  Brandon Dever
3rd  Tim Fox
4th  Gino Kuo


1st  Brian Corbett
2nd  R. Hartley

Eric Brooks throws Michael Lin in the Heavyweight final

1st  Eric Brooks
2nd  Michael Lin
3rd  Brian Corbett
4th  Danny Hall


1st  Nick Osborne
2nd  Immanuel Robinson
3rd  Jeff Ritchie

Note: the information above was taken from the working tournament grid sheets.
If you note any placement errors or name misspellings, please send corrections


Year of the Horse
Shuai Chiao Tournament
 February 2, 2002
at The Ohio State University

Matt Mollica referees a clean 3-point throw.             Gino Belfiore refs for Lance Cronley and Aaron Fown.

 Two rings ran simultaneously for five hours to finish the 101 matches

Tammy Lake and Una Ilich prepare to attack.
Action photos by Harold LaRue

The Year of the Horse Tournament at The Ohio State University was a great success.  Five Kungfu schools participated: Cleveland Wing Lam , Shaolin Kungfu Institute, Arlington Kungfu and Tai Chi, Ho-I Chinese Martial Arts, and the Shuai Chiao Kungfu Club at OSU.  We had a total of 53 competitors, 23 in the Junior Division, and 30 in the Adult Division.  This was an unusually tough regional tournament with at least 14 fighters, one-third of the entire adult division, being previous medallists in the Shuai Chiao Nationals!

With our traditional round-robin format most competitors fought four matches, for a total of 101 matches.  Despite the long day and hectic pace, there were no major injuries or problems.  This is a great tribute to both the professionalism of our officials and the good sportsmanship and camaraderie of all the fighters.  Many of the most powerful fighters, in both the adult and junior divisions, showed the true art of Shuai Chiao by controlling their opponents completely: throwing with strong and clean technique, yet finishing with a relatively gentle fall.

Thanks again to our officials and staff, without whom this tournament would not have been possible:
Officials:  Gino Belfiore, Tim Braun, John Ervin Jr., Mike Grigsby, Matt Mollica, Jerry Sheldon, Raymond Trepanier, Jeff Williams
Staff: Jaron Bernstein, Daniel Cowan, Peter DiGravio, Aaron Fown, Suzanne Heckman, Chih Yuan Ho, Luther Nolan, Jen Williams

Year of the Horse Tournament -- Results for Junior Divisions

Jr. Lightweight
1st       Isaiah Williams
2nd     Aqeel Muhammad
3rd      Alex Jewell
4th      Drulawni Ronney

Jr. Middleweight Division A
1st       Ellis Dixon
2nd      Edward Washington
3rd      Max Wilson
4th      Alana Mizer

Jr. Middleweight Division B
1st      William Hubbard
2nd     Ruben Benjamin
3rd     Jack Bowman
4th     Bernie Mizer

Jr. Heavyweight
1st      Darryl Cleyton
2nd    Darion Webber
3rd     Matt Boorman
4th     Nick Raymond

 Year of the Horse Tournament -- Results for Adult Divisions

1st       Bahiyyah Muhammad
2nd     Angie Bigelow
3rd      Crystal Dever

1st       Tammy Lake
2nd     Una Ilich

Year of the Horse Tournament -- Results for Adult Men's Division

1st      Dan Beck
2nd     Ernest Smoot
3rd     Matthew Corbett
4th     James Van Doren

1st     Brandon Dever
2nd   Jeff Wacker
3rd    Ryan Shumaker
4th    Jonathan Spuhler

1st     Daniel Cliff
2nd    Todd Smith
3rd    Gregory Shabazz
4th    Gerald Dalley

Middle Heavyweight
1st     Brian Corbett
2nd    Danny Hall
3rd    Jason Andro
4th    Aaron Fown

1st     Kevin Gordon
2nd    Steve Molter
3rd    Roy Hentges
4th    Abdullah Muhammed

 Great Lakes Kung Fu Championships
and Shuai Chiao Nationals,  May 5th, 2001
1ST        Ernest Smoot
2ND        Dan Sheldon
3RD        Tom Gencope
4TH        Jamie Van Doren
* click for match grid

1ST     Brian Corbett
2ND     Brandon Dever
3RD     Ryan Shumaker
4TH     Ion Suehiro
* click for match grid

1ST     She-peng Weng
2ND     Daniel Cliff
3RD     Dean Barker
4TH     Sparks Grassly
* click for match grid

Light Heavyweight
1ST     Jan-yu Weng
2ND     Carlin Ray Sr.
3RD     Steve Molter
4TH     Ray Trepanier
* click for match grid

Middle Heavyweight
1ST     Chet Quint
2ND    Abdullah Muhammed

1ST     John Ervin
2ND     Immanuel Robinson
3RD     Rob Huntley
4TH     Chet Quint
* click for match grid

Women's Lightweight
1ST     Bahiyyah Muhammad
2ND     Kristen Winslow

Women's Heavyweight
1ST     Tamera Lake
2ND     Kelly Crocker


                Rio De Janiero, Brazil
                March 31 - April 1, 2001

                Rio De Janiero, Brazil - March 28, a USSA team traveled to Brazil for the first ever Pan-American Shuai-chiao
                tournament. The tournament was sponsored by many city officials both in the US and Brazil making it a highly
                publicized and official event.

                The two day event was full of excitement and hope as the growth and development of Shuai-chiao was on
                exhibition. Dr. Weng has been developing with Master Li Wing-Kay a Shuai-chiao program in South America for
                over 8 years. Their hard work and vision paid off on this day with the successful merging of the two
                continents featuring a Shuai-chiao demonstration by a local school, a exciting national tournament, a
                Shuai-chiao filled San-shou event, and the showdown of the best in Pan-America.

                The USA Shuai-Chiao team took the mat after an afternoon of fierce competition between the South
                Americans whom were fighting to be the 2001 South American Shuai-chiao champion. The winners of the 2001
                South American national championship then earned the right along with other previously chosen fighters to
                compete against the USA Shuai-Chiao team in the Pan American Shuai-Chiao Championships.

                The brackets for the Pan American tournament were arranged so that the USA Shuai-Chiao competitors would
                fight both this year's South American national champions & the Brazilian national champion (selected by the
                Brazilian Shuai-Chiao team) in order to win the 2001 Pan-American Shuai-Chiao Championship.

                The US Shuai-Chiao Team swept the first round of competitions against the Brazilian National Team. As the
                finals began the crowd began to chant at a feverish pitch: BRASIL!! BRASIL!! To the ROARING crowd of over
                2,000 South American spectators in the large stadium like arena. The result was USA Shuai-Chiao team taking
                home 5 Gold medals & 3 Silver medals.

                 Emeric Chen
                 Youth Open Weight
                                            65 kgs
                 Leo Wong
                                            72 kgs
                 She-peng Weng
                                            75 kgs
                 Jan-Yu Weng
                                            78 kgs
                 Eric Brooks
                                            85 kgs
                                            85 kgs


                The strongest competition took place in the 78kgs and under weight category, where team captain Jan-Yu
                Weng took on two of the Brazilian's strongest & most experienced fighters. Jan-Yu defeated his first opponent
                (who was a great deal stronger and also a Brazilian Judo champion) with ease against the dismay of the
                screaming Brazilian crowd. In the finals the Brazilian competitor fought cautiously, defensively, staling &
                holding back any attempt to enter by Jan-Yu. With the scored tied, 0 to 0, after the two rounds of regulation
                in overtime Jan-Yu finally forced a entry (using a springing/leg block technique), but failed and landed on his
                feet but placed 1 hand thus losing the match.

                Eric Brooks was the lone competitor amongst the USA team to fight San-Shou following the Shuai-Chiao
                tournament. Again competition was fierce amongst the Brazilian fighters in the San-Shou tournament.
                However, Eric Brooks slowed the match down with his relaxed fluid Shuai-Chiao fighting style. With an
                impressive array of throws Eric displayed to the Brazilians the dominance of Shuai-Chiao in the San-Shou
                arena by winning gold in his weight class.

                The tournament was not only a success for the USA Shuai-Chiao Team who left the stadium with a 2nd place
                team trophy (1st went to Brazil due to the large number of athletes), but more importantly, with the respect
                of both the Brazilian people & the South American competitors, our new Shuai-chiao friends.

Great Lakes Kung Fu Championships
and Shuai Chiao Nationals,  April 29th, 2000

Competitors and Officials for the GLKF 2000 Shuai Chiao Nationals

Congratulations to Steve Molter and Dan Beck of the Shuai Chiao Kungfu Club at OSU for placing in the Shuai Chiao Nationals.
Dan finished in second place, losing only to international competitor and national champion Gino Belfiore.

Steve fought in his first tournament against three experienced opponents and placed fourth, but was the only competitor in the entire tournament to score a throw against international champion Immanuel Robinson.

Dr. Chi'hsiu Weng congratulates Heavyweight winner Immanuel Robinson

Dr. Weng and Lightweight champion Gino Belfiore

For full tournament results, check the official USSA Website:

Year of the Dragon
Shuai Chiao Tournament
at OSU, Feb 5th, 2000

The OSU Year of the Dragon Shuai Chiao Tounament brought four kungfu schools: Wing Lam Kungfu, Ho-I Tai Chi and Shuai Chiao Academy, Master Mollica's Kung Fu and Tai Chi, and the OSU Shuai Chiao Kungfu Club together for a day of friendly, but fierce, competition.  The 40 contestants fought 81 matches in a strenuous round-robin format at Larkins Hall on the OSU campus in Columbus, Ohio.

All of the four schools placed, but Wing Lam Kungfu dominated the tournament.  Only Junior Lightweight Matthew Boorman, of Ho-I, kept them from taking first place in every division of the tournament.  Led by experienced competitors Immanuel Robinson and Gino Belfiore, the young Wing Lam team swept all but one of the third place positions as well.

Jr. Lightweight
1st -- Matthew Boorman,  Ho-I
2nd -- Di'Ante Jackson,  Wing Lam
3rd -- Aqeel Muhammad,     Wing Lam

Jr. Middleweight
1st -- Ellis Dixson,  Wing Lam
2nd -- Philip Rose,  Ho-I
3rd -- Kandis Thompson,  Wing Lam

Jr. Hw
1st -- Delvon Thompson,  Wing Lam
2nd -- Jack Blakeslee,  Ho-I
3rd -- Kristopher M. Hall,  Wing Lam

Kathy Stanek, Yessenia Morales, Bahiyyah Muhammad, Gabrielle Voskerician, Katy Pierce

Women's Lightweight
1st -- Bahiyyah Muhammad,  Wing Lam
2nd -- Kathy Stanek,  OSU

Women's Middleweight
1st -- Gabrielle Voskerician,  Wing Lam
2nd -- Katy Pierce,  OSU
3rd -- Yessenia Morales,  Wing Lam

Adam Williams, James Susong , Leon Choo, Dan Beck, Gino Belfiore, Jared Evans

Men's Lightweight
1st -- Gino Belfiore,  Wing Lam
2nd -- Dan Beck,  OSU
3rd -- Leon Choo,  Wing Lam

Ryan Shumaker, A.J. Barbarito, Matt Martin, Daniel Cliff, Brian Corbett, George Mass

Men's Middleweight
1st -- Brian Corbett,  Wing Lam
2nd -- Matt Martin,  Mollica's
3rd -- Daniel Cliff,  Wing Lam

Zerriff Wyatt, Jeremy Brogdon, Raymond Trepanier

Men's Middle-Heavyweight
1st -- Zerriff Wyatt,  Wing Lam
2nd -- Raymond Trepanier,  Ho-I
3rd -- Jeremy Brogdon,  OSU

Bill Umansky, Myron Cummings, Rob Huntley, Immanuel Robinson

Men's Heavyweight
1st -- Immanuel Robinson,  Wing Lam
2nd -- Rob Huntley,  OSU
3rd -- Myron Cummings,  Wing Lam

Results from the 8th Annual
Great Lakes Kungfu Championships
Shuai Chiao Nationals , April 24th, 1999
Children's Shuai-chiao Division
under 50lbs
1st Aquel, Muhammed
2nd Jackson, Diante
50-69 lbs
1st  Dixon, Ellis
2nd  Al-Amin, Mussen
3rd  Maya, Muhammed
4th  Dernck, Muhammed
70-89 lbs
1st  Pickens, Justin
2nd  Al-Amin, Quadirah
3rd  Lee, Patrick
4th  Ian, Donavon
90-115 lbs
1st  Lee, Alan
2nd  Al-Amin, Jaharah
3rd  Halivay, Fadeelah
4th  Williams, Frank

Adult Women's division
1st Al-Amin, Adilah
2nd Halivay, Fadeelah
3rd Al-Amin, Jahara
4th Susong, Evelyn

Adult Men's Shuai-chiao Division
120lbs and under
1st  Lee, Alan
2nd  Mattadeen, Rodney
3rd  Becker, Steven

120-135 lbs
1st  Belfiore, Gino
2nd  Chatman, Jr., Morris
3rd  McCutcheon, Anthony
4th  Ting, Chi-Hwa "Michael"

135-150 lbs
1st  Fleming, Robert
2nd  Martin, Matt
3rd  Wong, Leo
4th  Seyffert, Sven
150-165 lbs
1st  Weng, She-Peng
2nd  McCoy, Jay
3rd  Corbett, Brian
4th  Schwartz, Mark
165-180 lbs
1st  Hall, Deshaun
2nd  Trepanier, Raymond
3rd  Brooks, Keith
4th  Ellman, Joseph

180-195 lbs
1st  Stantial, Karl
2nd  Cummings, Myron
3rd  Kelly, Brian
195-215 lbs
1st  Osborne, Nicholas
2nd  Robinson, Immanuel
3rd  Fratkin, Yevgeniy
4th  Lai, Vincent
Over 215 lbs
1st  Osborne, Nicholas
2nd  Huntley, Robert
3rd  Ritchie, Jeff
4th  Nolan, Luther

Partial  Results from the
1998 4th Paris Mayor's Cup International 
Shuai Jiao Tournament
December 12, 13, 1998

Teams from Algeria, China, France, Italy, Morocco, Poland, Singapore, Spain,
Switzerland, Mongolia, Taipei, and the USA competed. 
First Place Team: China
Second Place Team: USA

USA Team Placings:
Shuai Chiao:
Open Division:     3rd Place, John Ervin
100kg Division:    1st Place, Nick Osborne
                           3rd Place, Vince Corning
90kg Division:    1st Place, Immanuel Robinson
82kg Division:    2nd Place, Eric Brooks
68kg Division:    2nd Place, Thomas Desch
62kg Division:    3rd Place, Gino Belfiore
57kg Division:    3rd Place, Justin Tan
52kg Division:    2nd Place, Alan Lee
62kg Womens Division:    2nd Place, Alva Ervin

Invitational Mongolian Boke Tournament:
2nd Place: Nick Osborne
Tied 3rd Place: Vince Corning

For more results, check the USSA home page link below:


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